Architectural Firms

AC Martin Partners
Los Angeles
Architectural Collective
Los Angeles
Bahr Vermeer & Haeker Architects
Birba Group Architects
Los Angeles
Bijan & Associates                           Los Angeles
Brian Livingston Architects
Butterfield Architectural Group
Carde Ten Architects, AIA
Santa Monica
Chang Price Architects W. Los Angeles
Clive Wilkinson Architects
West Hollywood
Collins Reisenbicher Architects
Dallas, Texas
Comstock & Associates, Inc. Colorado Springs
Coop Himmelblau   Los Angeles    
Craig Townsend Architects
Los Angeles
DLR Group WWCOT Santa Monica
DLR Group KKE Pasadena
Fernando Juarez & Associates Inc.
Los Angeles
FSY Architects Los Angeles
Gabbuy Architects
Beverly Hills
Gensler Boston, MA
Gillette and Associates W. Los Angeles
Glenwood L Garvey & Associates
Santa Monica
Hal C. Whittemore Architects
Agoura Hills
Harding Architects
Harouni, AIA,-Hafco Architects
Beverly Hills
HMC Group Architects                               Irvine
HMC Group Architects                               Los Angeles
HMC Group Architects
Jeff Cooper, AIA, Architects
Jim Moore, AIA
Los Angeles
Johannes Van Tilburg & Partners
Santa Monica
John F. Cannela, AIA
Los Angeles
John Matlow Architects
Los Angeles
JPRA Architects                                       Michigan
Kamran Khavarani, AIA
Century City
Kevin Thistle
Las Vegas

Kevin Daley Architects                               

Los Angeles
Khorramian Group Architects, Inc.
N. Hollywood
Langdon Wilson Architects   Irvine
Langdon Wilson Architects   Los Angeles
Leach Mounce Architects  Ventura
Leidenfrost /Horowitz & Associates
Leroy Andrews Architects, Inc.
Mal Bert, AIA, Architects
W. Los Angeles
Matlin Dvoretzky & Partners
Santa Monica
McDonald, Souter and Paz Architects Long Beach
Mesa Design Architects
Agoura Hills
Morris Design Partners
Long Beach
MVE Institutional Irvine
Nadel Architects Inc.
W. Los Angeles
Nardi Associates                                        Monrovia
NTD Architects
San Dimas
Onuma and Associates
Los Angeles
Onyx Architects Pasadena
Osborn Architects
Pitman Group Architects

PSL Architects                                        

Los Angeles
Quatro Design Group Los Angeles
Redesign                                             W. Hollywod
Reed Laurance Architects
Los Angeles
Richard J. Youngblood Architects
Las Vegas
Rasmussen & Associates
Sam Tolkin, AIA, Architects
Santa Monica
Samuel Wacht Associates, AIA
W. Los Angeles
Scott Ellinwood & Associates
SPF:architects                                           Culver City
Steven Ehrlich Architects
Culver City
Vanos Architects          Los Angeles
William H. Howell AIA & Associates Compton


At Roshanian and Associates, Inc. we are committed to building relationship and trust with our clients. We earn this trust by delivering on our promises time after time. In fact, most of our business comes from clients that have been working with us over many years. Every client, large or small, will receive personalized, efficient, and expert engineering services.